This is a calculator for the game Minecraft (which can be found on play it, it's great!) It uses a parabola formula to determine where the 'blocks' should be to get a nice curved structure. Great for bridges!


Fill in how heigh and how wide you want your bridge, then follow the picture below.
You can put in rediculas large numbers if you want, but I won't be hold responsible if your browser ends up crashing because of it.

You don't see anything? It isn't working right? Get a good browser (IE (Internet Explorer) is NOT a good browser). Download Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari instead.

To make this work with IE I need to replace the drawing technique to something that is way slower and works terrible. I'm not going to do that for such a worthless browser as IE.

If you insist on using IE, get the Google Chrome Frame here, it should work then.

You can save the image by right clicking it and selecting 'save image as'